The service is active for all LGBTQI+ people, their family members, and other close people. Trained activists respond by offering a safe and supportive space, listening, and assisting in respect of privacy and personal safety. In case of need, after first contact, volunteers will be able to help you and take you to the services made available by the Multifunctional Anti-Discrimination Center, the partner associations, and the socio-health services of the Metropolitan City of Naples.

Landline number
from Monday to Friday, from 9AM to 5PM
on Saturdays from 4PM to 6PM
Whatsapp number
active 24 hours a day

Psychological desk and counseling

Our team of psychologists and psychotherapists, regularly registered in the register of psychologists of Campania, provides free cycles of support and advice for all LGBTQI+ people, their family members, and friends, building individual courses according to need or emergency. The service can be accessed by those who, for example, find themselves in situations of violence, hardship, or discrimination in the family and at work or who need to investigate issues related to their gender identity and sexual orientation.

Desk and legal support

The legal desk provides free advice and support to LGBTQI+ people in the fields of civil, criminal, family, and employment law- Lawyers prepared to respond to the needs of the LGBTQI+ community can, for example, follow cases of discrimination and violence at work, in the family, and other circumstances, offer information and assistance on issues related to the transition process and rectification of personal data for trans and gender nonconforming people or orienting on the law governing civil unions.

Work and living independence orientation desk

The desk offers advice and guidance for job placement aimed at LGBTQI+ people. Furthermore, through the skills of qualified personnel, in partnership with local authorities and services, it offers free training courses, workshops, and internships, aimed at acquiring certified qualifications that can be used in the world of work, supporting the people
of our community in their personal and professional growth.

Migrant desk

The Migrant Desk aims to promote and defend the rights of LGBTIQIA+ migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers who have chosen to live in our country. The service deals with legal, health, and psychological assistance as well as support and advice while applying for international protection. lt provides housing in partnership with other organizations and social cooperatives that manage facilities aimed at LGBTQIA+ people who are holders of international protection.

The migrant counter is open every Saturday from 4 to 6 pm in Vico San Geronimo 17-20 in Naples or you can contact us through our channels to make an appointment.